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  • What Kind of Glass Cleaner Should I Use?


    In all my years in the glass business, believe it or not, the most common question asked of me is, “what kind of glass cleaner is it that you’re using?” Which was typically followed by ” I love the way it smells.” Well, the answer is and has always been the same for me, “SPRAYWAY” by CRL. In the past Sprayway has only been sold wholesale to glass shops and distributors but CRL recently started selling in a more public venue. Sprayway is a great cleaner that doesn’t streak or film and makes glass cleaning easier and quicker. No CFC’s either, so the earth will thank you for that. Here’s a helpful hint, clean your windows and glass during a time of day when they’re not in direct sun contact. For best performance use a medium to dense fiber paper towel when cleaning. Should you have any trouble finding these products, I’ve included an Amazon affiliate links to help you.

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